Service designers using the Data Ecosystem Mapping tool

Public service design

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We’ve been collaborating with local service designers and councils around the UK and beyond to research and develop useful tools to improve local services

ODI Experts

We all rely on public services, from bin collections and road maintenance, to schools and libraries. Local governments provide essential citizen services but are often swamped by demand in an environment of increasing populations, budget cuts and limited resources.

Better use of data can streamline processes, provide information to citizens, and make data available to innovators and service providers.

We’ve been researching how to improve local services, working with councils and service designers around the UK, and have developed a number of resources, tools and guides to help service providers with their work.

Check out our new toolkit or get in touch to get support with using it.

Use our Data and Public Services Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help people designing and delivering public services to overcome barriers to using data effectively.

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