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Data policy

Data policy is a rich and fast-moving area that cuts across borders, domains and sectors and touches on many everyday aspects of our lives.

The ODI’s mission is to work with companies, governments and civil society to build an open, trustworthy data ecosystem. In our ODI manifesto points, we identify six key elements or components to achieve this – and each of these has distinctive needs or opportunities around data policy. For example: 

  • Infrastructure: how can sectors and societies best invest in and protect the vital data infrastructure that they rely on?
  • Capability: how can opportunities be created for everyone to understand data use, and to develop data literacy, data science skills, or experience using data to help solve their problems?
  • Innovation: how can data inspire and fuel innovation by enabling businesses, startups, governments, individuals and communities to create products and services for economic growth and productivity?
  • Equity: how can access to data and information promote fair competition and informed markets, and empower people as consumers, creators and citizens?
  • Ethics: what kinds of choices by people and organisations around data collection and use is ethical?
  • Engagement: how can people, communities, and organisations collaborate around how data is used and accessed to solve their problems?

At the ODI we engage with aspects of data policy across many of our activities, and we also have activities that are focussed on data policy and led by our specialist public policy team. To learn more about this work, please see the Public Policy page in the Projects & Services section of this website.