ODI Summit 2022: Data Decade

ODI Summit 2022: Data Decade

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Tue Nov 8, 2022 10:00

Essential information

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Who is the event for?
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ODI Summit 2022 – Data Decade: The essential data conference

For the last 10 years, the Open Data Institute (ODI) has been an unbiased and trusted partner in data.

Join us on 8 November 2022 from 10:00–22:00 GMT at the ODI Summit, where you can hear from world leading data and AI experts, including the inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and AI expert Sir Nigel Shadbolt addressing the data challenges we will all face in the years ahead.

Discover best practices around data, who you can actually trust with your data and the impact it could have on your life or area of business.

We are also delighted to announce that the ODI Summit will be presented by former BBC World Affairs Correspondent, Navdip Dhariwal. A fantastic speaker, Navdip has worked across TV and radio and has reported on some of the most important global stories of our times.

This year our Summit tickets are at their lowest ever price – £99 – regardless of when you buy one, with big discounts for ODI members.

Buy your ticket now, and don’t miss out on the essential data conference.

If you would like to attend this year’s Summit but recognise that there are structural or financial barriers that prevent you from joining please have a look at our Welcome fund.


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Why attend?

Join over 2,000 guests from across the globe to:

  • Discover the future trends of data from the inventor of the World Wide Web
  • Network with peers from other global organisations
  • Learn how to change the way you work with your data
  • Find out how to leverage data to impact your business goals
  • Meet other thought partners
  • Join organisations such as Microsoft, Arup, Sopra Steria, and Media Futures.
  • Network with attendees from over 90 countries

Who is the event for?

The event is for anyone interested in learning more about trust in data, developing data strategies, data ethics and much more, and is relevant to those working anywhere in the world.

  • Chief data architects
  • Chief data officers
  • Chief equity officers
  • Chief innovation officers
  • Chief privacy officers
  • Chief risk officers
  • Chief sustainability officers
  • Chief technology officers
  • Data analysts
  • Data analysts and scientists
  • HR professionals
  • IT directors and management
  • Policymakers
  • Researchers

Confirmed speakers

Event programme – confirmed panels

The programme was last updated on 18th October 2022. New guests are being secured daily so keep your eyes peeled for further speakers and roundtables to be announced in due course!

Download the full programme (PDF)

10:00 GMTArtificial Intelligence: Who is thinking for me?

In this keynote session, we’ll look at how data and AI interrelate and at the risks and rewards that have emerged. We’ll explore the current breakthroughs in AI and imagine what a future AI-enabled society might look like.

Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Executive Chair & Co-founder of the ODI
Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell, Director of the School of Cybernetics, Australian National University
10:30 GMTWhat’s art got to do with it? Data as a cultural force

For the last ten years the ODI’s Data as Culture art programme has worked with artists who use data to tell us about our world. But how does this type of art increase our understanding of data and its impact on our daily lives? Here’s a sneak preview of the summit video about One Hundred Thousand Suns made by filmmakers Maya Zi Ou Roberts and Eve Johnson.

Panel Chair: Mr Gee, Data Poet
Rohini Devasher, ODI Artist-in-Residence 2021-2022
Dr Ross Parry, Professor of Museum Technology, University of Leicester
Joseph Wilk, Digital Artist
14:15 GMTExperimentalism and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Rewiring society with Digital Minister of Taiwan, Audrey Tang

Audrey Tang is rewriting the source code of Taiwanese democracy as the head of a brand-new Ministry of Digital Affairs – join her and the ODI's Head of Public Policy Dr Mahlet 'Milly' Zimeta to hear how policymaking can adapt to the digital age.

Audrey Tang, Digital Minister of Taiwan
Dr Mahlet 'Milly' Zimeta, Head of Public Policy, ODI
11:50 GMTState of the Data Nation with Sir Nigel Shadbolt and Sir Tim-Berners Lee

Join the ODI’s co-founders Sir Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, and Sir Nigel Shadbolt, one of the world’s foremost experts in AI, as they share their thoughts about the past ten years of data, and what lies ahead in an increasingly data-driven world.

Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Executive Chair & Co-founder of the ODI
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Co-founder of the ODI
20:15 GMTData and Climate Change: Why every business needs a data strategy to achieve Net Zero

Over the last ten years many businesses have developed sustainability strategies that include commitments to tackling climate change. But how do we know if organisations are achieving the net zero targets they have set themselves? In this panel chaired by Volker Buscher, Global Chief Data Officer of Arup, and long standing ODI Summit Sponsor, we explore the hypothesis that linking sustainability to data is essential if businesses are to thrive in future

For more on this topic see Volker Buscher in conversation with the ODI’s Director of Data & Services Lisa Allen at an ODI Canalside Chat event held on 1st September.
21:25 GMTThe Data Game

The ODI's Data Game is back! Gavin Freeguard, ODI Special Advisor hosts the quiz show that takes a witty, irreverent look at the world of data. It’s also a chance for you, the delegate, to pit your wits against the collective brains of the Data Game panel.

Confused? Click here to view a short explainer video.

Where and when?

The ODI Summit 2022 will be delivered virtually via Hopin on 8 November 2022 from 10:00 – 22:00 GMT

Why virtually? Well, we’re pretty good at it! The ODI Summit isn’t a run of the mill conference. We have TV studio quality filming, top flight production, and being virtual means it’s not only more accessible – but we can fit more in: more speakers, more events, more opportunities to network. And if we can fit more in, you can too.


This year our Summit tickets are at their lowest ever price – £99 – regardless of when you buy one. They won’t go up in price as the event draws near, unlike many other conferences.

  • Full price tickets cost £99.00 (£79.20 + VAT if applicable).
  • Additional tickets purchased by ODI Individual, Corporate, SME or Third sector members cost £69.00 (£57.50 + £11.50 VAT if applicable)
  • ODI Pay What You Can member tickets cost £79.00 (£65.83 + £13.17 VAT if applicable).

Complimentary tickets:

ODI Individual, Corporate, SME and Third sector members receive one free ticket as part of their ODI membership.

The ODI also runs a Welcome Fund for those that are not able to afford the cost of a ticket. To learn more, visit our Welcome Fund here.

If you are sponsoring or speaking at the event, you may be eligible for complimentary tickets. Please contact tickets@theodi.org for more details.

Payment types:

Payment can be made via Paypal or via invoice through the Eventbrite ticketing platform.

Ticket questions:

If you are unsure which ticket to purchase or have any questions about tickets, please contact tickets@theodi.org for more details.

Would you like to sponsor the ODI Summit?

Over 2,000 guests from across the globe join us for the ODI Summit, including senior government officials, policymakers, business leaders, startup innovators, civil society and academics. Our summit attracts a range of high-profile guests, with government officials and senior leaders making up the majority of attendees.

  • Show leadership in your sector around current data issues by aligning your organisation with the ODI’s mission and high-profile summit speakers.
  • Get your brand seen by a large, influential international audience spanning the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. We’ve shifted the timing to start at 13:00 UK time to attract audiences from further afield.
  • Gain exposure to national media coverage; ODI summits are often covered by BBC, The Times, Guardian, Economist, Civil Service World and Computer Weekly, among others.
  • Support ethical data use by demonstrating your commitment to the ODI’s vision to make data work for everyone.

Past sponsors include:

Welcome fund

The ODI welcome fund can help break down barriers.

We appreciate that there can be obstacles to people attending events like the ODI Summit – from the cost of tickets to the accessibility of the platforms we use. We also recognise that people from some communities face greater barriers to participation such as structural racism, sexism and ableism.

If you cannot afford the price of a ticket, face structural disadvantages and/or live in a low- or middle-income country, we would love to welcome you as our guest to the ODI Summit 2022. Please apply for a complimentary ticket below.

If you are unemployed or are in full time education, please feel free to apply.

If you are from an organisation that works with or represents any of the groups mentioned above and would like to share details about the ODI’s Welcome Fund, please contact tickets@theodi.org.

We hope that offering complimentary tickets demonstrates that everyone is welcome at the ODI Summit and makes a small contribution to greater equity.

What our audience says

Attendees rated last year’s summit at 9/10 overall.

“Definitely one of the best online events I’ve been to and a really diverse and interesting collection of speakers and participants.”

Abigail Duske, Data Innovation Analyst, Lloyd’s

“What a brilliant event. It was a super stimulating evening spent with extremely thoughtful people discussing some of the big challenges of our time, how data can help, and the integral role of ethics. It’s fantastic to be partners of the ODI and have access to this network and this type of opportunity.”

Jen Rodvold, Head of Sustainability, Digital Ethics & Social Value Consulting, Sopra Steria

“The ODI Summit is a place where you meet both like minded people and critical voices to have a point of reflection and move your thinking forward.”

Volker Buscher, Chief Data Officer, Arup

“The panels and keynotes that have been brought forward come from sectors all over the world with different perspectives and values, driving how they’re realizing data and the value of data.”

Jennifer Pougnet, Global Data Policy Strategy Lead, Roche

“The ODI Summit seeks to bring people together, acts as a convening force and a convening event where people can share experience, ask questions, learn from one another, commit to common challenges.”

Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Executive Chair & Co-founder, ODI

“You don’t get this opportunity anywhere else. Sir Nigel Shadbolt, who’s one of the foremost AI experts in the world. And Sir Tim Berners Lee, of course, the inventor of the World Wide Web in conversation at our Summit Live, and with members of the audience able to interact and put questions, it’s a fantastic opportunity.”

Emma Thwaites, Director of Communications & Marketing, ODI

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Please do not engage with it and pass any such message on to Action Fraud – the National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre. Your report of a phishing email will help them act quickly, protecting many more people from also being affected.

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