ODI Summit 2022: Data Decade

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Summit sponsorship packages help you reach high-profile audiences, gain media coverage and demonstrate your commitment to trustworthy use of data

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Get your brand seen: sponsor the next ODI Summit Nov, 2022

There’s always a moment of original thought that pops up on stage or in a conversation, where you say ‘ah, that wasn’t yet in our strategy, we better do something about it.

Volker Buscher, Director, Chief Data Officer, Arup

The ODI summit was the first time I was in a room full of open data and digital experts talking about diversity in the sector and the need to improve outcomes.

Zamila Bunglawala, Director, International Education Directorate, Department for Education

What does sponsorship include? 

Summit sponsorship packages help you reach high-profile audiences, gain media coverage and demonstrate your commitment to trustworthy use of data.

 PlatinumGoldSilver Bronze Online
Complimentary tickets to ODI Summit 2021502515105
Social media mentions during the event107532
Logo and link on summit landing pageYYYYY
Branding in summit marketing pre-eventYYYYY
Mention in post-event emailYYYYY
ODI Membership (1 year)YYYYY
Featured in pre-event looped & branded videoYYYY
PR support/promotion of summit-timed announcementsYYY
Round-table discussion or workshop curated by ODIOn main
Exhibition booth with video contentYYY
Seat at press conference alongside ODI foundersYY
Guest editorship - The Week in Data (17k subscribers)YY
Private pre-event sessionYY
Main stage video curated by the ODIY
ODI Canalside Chat speaker slotY
Mainstage speaker/panelY
Guest blogs on ODI site11

Our event platform has a virtual expo area immediately accessible from the event reception page. Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsors have automatic access to a private expo booth at the ODI Summit, for Bronze packages, it’s an optional, paid extra.

Each expo booth has:

  • Video content or live-streamed content depending on your sponsorship package.
  • Lead-generation opportunities – whether you want to share a white paper or offer something event-specific, you will be able to follow up with your leads directly.
  • Chat and polls within your booth – you will be able to moderate the in-booth conversation and invite people to video chat with you 1:1.
  • A ‘people tab’ allowing you to see who’s visiting you online.

Why sponsor the ODI Summit?

Over 3,000 guests from across the globe are expected to join us for the ODI Summit, including senior government officials, policymakers, business leaders, startup innovators, civil society and academics.

Our Summit always attracts a range of high-profile guests, with government officials and senior leaders making up the majority of attendees.

Benefits to your brand

  • Show leadership in your sector around current data issues by aligning your organisation with the ODI’s mission and high-profile summit speakers.
  • Get your brand seen by a large, influential international audience spanning the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. We’ve changed the timing to start at 12:00 PM UK time to attract audiences worldwide.
  • Gain exposure to national media coverage; ODI summits are often covered by BBC, The Times, Guardian, Economist, Civil Service World and Computer Weekly, among others.
  • Support ethical data use by demonstrating your commitment to the ODI’s vision to make data work for everyone.

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