Organisations looking to work with startups

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Data has the potential to create huge value for organisations but often only a small percentage of this is used to create innovative solutions that solve real problems.

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We are looking for organisations that want to drive innovation and value, unleashing the potential in the data they already have.

We welcome companies at different stages of this journey, from early exploration up to the mature stage ready to run pilot projects with startups.

  • Identify the untapped value of your data
  • Solve your technological and business problems
  • Capitalise on development of new disruptive products and technology trends in your market
  • Rejuvenate your company culture and become more agile
  • Explore new verticals
  • Connect your brand with the transformation of your industry and market

There are lots of startups that are building innovative solutions using data and new technologies. Many of them, however, struggle to get access to real data from public and private sector organisations to develop real-case pilot projects.

Our programmes solve this misalignment by connecting startups with corporates and public-sector organisations, bridging the gap and fostering open innovation.