ASEAN Data Startup Accelerator (Malaysia)

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Demonstrate value and opportunity for open data in the ASEAN region

The ASEAN region is committing a lot of investment in opening up open data at government level but there aren’t many startups and entrepreneurs using the data made available. Despite the focus on technical expertise and data literacy, there is a lack of entrepreneurial support and business coaching for companies working with data.

The ASEAN Data Startup Accelerator aims to fill this gap by providing a 6-month accelerator for startups in the ASEAN region to develop their network, business and data skills. The programme is run from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and startups from all ten ASEAN member countries are encouraged to apply.

The first cohort finished in August 2017 and we are currently running the second one with businesses from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.

ADSA is funded by Malaysia’s Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), as part of the ASEAN Data Analytics Exchange and is delivered by Open Data Institute with the support of MDEC.