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Workshop: Open Cities

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Through ecosystem mapping, data ethics discovery, and business case development the Open Cities workshop enables city authorities to make better use of data

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What are Open Cities?

Data is integral to decision making in your city. But do you know what data you have? Do you make the best use of it? Do you know where the gaps are?

The aim of this workshop is to explore what data is needed to solve specific problems and identify where there are gaps. The workshop is built around the ODI Data and Public Services Toolkit, a set of tools used by city teams to drive change, communicate insights and embed learning.

During the workshop, you will explore and document your ideas across three domains. These domains are critical when using data to achieve strategic goals, and help solve your city’s key challenges.

  • Ecosystem mapping. Ecosystem mapping allows you to map the wide range of people and departments who are involved in collecting data across the city. Using the Data Ecosystem Mapping tool you will identify what data you have, where it is shared and how it is used. You will also pinpoint any unused and unidentified data. The workshop will then help you identify blockages of data flow and unexplored opportunities.
  • Data Ethics. Using the Data Ethics Canvas you will explore critical data ethics questions about how data on existing or future projects is collected, used and shared. Working through often difficult data ethic questions is especially relevant when data activities have the potential to impact people and society, directly or indirectly.
  • Business case development. Using the Data and Public Services Business Case Canvas, you will use Data Ecosystem Mapping and the Data Ethics Canvas to develop a business case for a project or service you want to explore and develop further.

Feedback from attendees

“The tools provided have offered us a way to navigate through the data challenges we face as an organisation and champion data issues amongst colleagues”

“The ODI provided some compelling training on key aspects of open data and really helped me understand the ethical dimensions of project planning for data intensive projects”

Who is this for?

The Open Cities Workshop can be delivered online or offline (Covid-19 dependent) and works best with 15–20 people representing as many elements of the city as possible. This could be limited to representatives from internal departments, or a mix of internal city staff and outside stakeholders such as academia, business, civil society groups.

Interested in the workshop?

We would welcome the chance to understand your context and objectives, and to tailor the workshop to meet your needs. Please complete this form and one of our team members will contact you.