ODI Data & Public Services Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help people designing and delivering public services

Workshop: Getting started with the data and public services toolkit

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Public services are an important mechanism for creating positive impact. In this workshop, we will work with you to build a strong business case for your proposed service.

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Better use of data can help local authorities provide citizens with better access to services, improve service efficiency, and make better decisions.

However, delivery managers face challenges when using data in services. These include a lack of discoverability of data, a lack of accountability for data, an absence of senior support, and minimal funding to explore new ideas. These challenges mean that service managers need to be able to create strong business cases for their data enabled services.

In this one-day workshop, we will help you create an effective business case for your proposed service.

Using your service idea, the session will help you to:

  • clearly define the aims of your service
  • understand where the gaps and opportunities for better data use are within your service ecosystem
  • consider the ethical implications of your proposed service
  • think about the practical elements of your service, such as cost and timelines
  • give thought to building openness into your service

Who is this for?

This workshop is ideal for teams working in a public service delivery management environment. We would recommend bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders, with representatives from:

  • legal and compliance roles
  • senior management teams
  • ICT or digital teams

Interested in the workshop?

We would welcome the chance to understand your context and objectives, and will then tailor the workshop to meet your needs. Please complete this form and one of the team will contact you.