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Public policy

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Who we are

We are a collegiate and intellectually curious team of data policy experts and delivery managers with interests across national and international public policy. We work with a community of expert Associates and Special Advisers on key topics in data policy and digital technologies – such as data governance, data innovation, and artificial intelligence – for open and trustworthy data ecosystems. These public policy areas are reflected in our ODI manifesto points of infrastructure, capability, innovation, equity, ethics and engagement. You can read more about this on our policy topic page.

The ODI is non-partisan but we believe that data is a political topic. Our contributions will always be pragmatic, collaborative and consultative, while maintaining our independence.

What we do

Our vision is a world where data works for everyone, and we are a public policy team that works with companies, governments and civil society to achieve this. Our public policy advice is grounded in data practice, is informed by the multidisciplinary expertise of the wider ODI, and shapes the ODI’s thought leadership. We work as openly and fearlessly as possible, developing our public policy positions in dialogue with what we learn from our ODI R&D, consultancy, training and innovation activities, and drawing on insights and evidence around our portfolio of ODI toolkits and resources for people, businesses, civil society and governments.

How we work

We are a global organisation headquartered in London and our work has international application. We work in a range of domains, sectors and topics including health, jobs, climate, cities, sports, international development, utilities, artificial intelligence, public services and digital government.

Our public policy activities include: undertaking policy research and analysis; convening discussion events such as expert roundtables and workshops; synthesizing and developing an evidence base for consultation responses or for engagement with Parliamentary bodies such as All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs); providing expert advice to civil servants, Parliamentarians, political advisers and journalists; and publishing policy reports, tools, guides, and op-ed pieces.

We publish blog posts on topical issues, serve on expert and advisory committees, and participate in public events, policy events, or data-specialist events such as conferences, expos, panels and keynote lectures.

We also work in partnership across domains and sectors with national and international organisations such as think tanks, research institutes, civil society organisations, multilaterals and companies.

Our portfolio

Our policy projects have been reported on by the Financial Times, BBC TV News, and Computer Weekly magazine, among others.

Some of our recent and current public policy projects include:

Contact us

We’re active on social media and regularly share updates and commentary on Twitter (@ODIHQ).  If you’re interested in partnering with us, commissioning us, or have any queries about our work you can also reach us by email at – this will send a message to the whole public policy team.