Share data more easily and in a trustworthy way

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We’re developing tools and services to help you choose the most suitable option for your organisation

Sharing data with other organisations can bring opportunities such as new services, products or insights, but it can also lead to risks to your organisation or to communities and people impacted by your project.

There are many ways to increase access to data. This is a source of confusion for most – What are the options available? what’s safest? Cheapest? Most secure? Which one meets my needs? There is no one-size fits all solution, some methods remain a bit of a mystery to even the most experienced and new approaches are still being invented.

That’s why we’re carrying out research to demystify the many options available to us, including as data trusts, and developing tools and services to help people choose the most suitable option for their organisation.

Browse our research below, or get in touch to find out how we can support you.

How we can help you to increase access to data while retaining trust

Do you see the potential sharing your data could bring to new products, services or technologies? Do you need some help putting the right model in place for open and trustworthy sharing in your organisation? Leave your details and we’ll be in touch soon to discuss how we can support you.

Our current work in this area