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Use case summary

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Using geospatial data: use case summary

  • Y* = yes, but caveats apply
Use caseOpen Government LicenceODbL (for OSM)OS PSMAOS Data Exploration LicenceOS Commercial LicenceGoogle Maps
1. Using static and real time geospatial data on a small deviceYYY*Y*YN
2. Creating a map image from the data in a book, newsletter or similarYYY*Y*YN
3. Adding geographical coordinates to large amounts of data from geospatial dataYY*Y*Y*YN
4. Using geospatial data to create a business directoryYY*NY*YN
5. Extracting road centre-line data for bus routes based on lists of bus stopsYY*Y*Y*YN
6. Converting GPS data to a list of streets and when they were last grittedYYY*Y*YN
7. Online map service using multiple data sources (that are unchanged)YYY*Y*YN
8. Confidential analysis of mapping and other dataYYY*Y*YN
9. Copying data and distributing it in a variety of formatsYY*NNNN
10. Using data in a computer game together with other data sourcesYYNY*YN
11. Using data in a Sat Nav/ travel routing systemYYY*Y*YN
12. Publishing data to reference in a research publication.YY*NNNN
13. Online map service using multiple data sources (that are changed)YY*Y*Y*YN
14. Changing the schema or layout of a databaseYYY*Y*YN
15. Collecting, anonymising and sharing data about people's movementsYYNY*YN
16. Model GenerationYYY*Y*YN
17. Extracting data and displaying as a separate datasetYY*Y*Y*YN