Vassilis Chrysos

Operations, Ex Machina. Athens.
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Vassilis Chrysos is an ODI Registered Trainer specialising inĀ environmental engineering.

Vassilis is an open data enthusiast and entrepreneur. He has a passion for open technologies and the social impact they can bring.

For Vassilis, open data is a raw material which can yield considerable value given the appropriate skills and knowledge. He considers training a complementary component next to open data availability. As an ODI Registered Trainer he specialises in using open data for startup entrepreneurship and social innovation.

He is co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Ex Machina, a weather analytics & environmental IIoT startup. He is also co-founder and Administrator of the Non Profit Organisation, a community wireless network situated next to Mount Olympus, Greece. Since 2010 has provided open internet access to residents and visitors of 11 remote, isolated villages in central Greece.