Mike Rose

Mike Rose

Freelance data strategist
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ODI Registered trainer

Data strategist helping people think differently to achieve change. Areas of expertise include data ecosystems and overcoming legal and cultural challenges to build healthy open data ecosystems.

I help people to think and act differently to achieve change.

I am an experienced leader trusted by partners, colleagues, customers and suppliers with a track record of inspiring behavioural, cultural and structural change inside and between organisations by focusing on common customer and business needs.

Through developing and cultivating relationships I am able to quickly gain understanding of what motivates people.

Using this knowledge alongside debating, discussing and negotiating I get them to examine and challenge their own perspectives and preconceptions which leads to change.

I have specific experience in developing data sharing policies and the environment that enables effective data sharing. I have done this within the UK government and with government organisations in Ethiopia and Rwanda.

I have also developed a track record of being able to understand complicated data development processes and analyse these alongside the relevant data licences and intellectual property laws. This ability has led me to deliver several successful licensing negotiations with data suppliers.

I love working in a complex, dynamic and changing world, I balance my flexibility and embracing approach to change with sensitivity towards those affected by it.