Matt Davies

Former ODI staff member: Senior Policy Advisor
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Former ODI staff member: Matt Davies was a Senior Policy Advisor at the Open Data Institute

Matt Davies was Senior Policy Advisor at the Open Data Institute until December 2022.

Prior to joining the ODI, Matt worked for the UK Labour Party where they carried out policy development, research and briefing across several policy areas. They were part of the team that produced Labour’s 2019 manifesto, and more recently led on consultation projects including the party’s Green Economic Recovery paper.

Matt’s previous roles include working as an advisor to members of the Shadow Cabinet, as a researcher for Shadow Digital Minister Chi Onwurah, and as a project coordinator at Nesta, the UK’s innovation foundation. They hold an undergraduate degree in History and English from Oxford, and a masters in Philosophy from Birkbeck.

Matt is passionate about the role data can play in building a world that is fairer and more prosperous than the one we live in today. Outside of work, they can often be found at the cinema, cooking veggie food, or wandering around Walthamstow Marshes with their dog, Miko.