Kanika Joshi

Kanika Joshi

Impact Manager
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Kanika Joshi is the Impact Manager at the ODI

Kanika Joshi is an international development professional with more than eight years of experience in impact and research across 10+ countries. She served as the Director of Partnerships and Business Development at Includovate, a research incubator headquartered in Ethiopia and Australia. Her thematic areas of interest are sustainable development, youth inclusion, and gender equality.

Prior to this, she worked as a Research Manager with LEAD at Krea University in India on women’s entrepreneurship and financial inclusion for the last mile, and in Kenya as an Impact Consultant with TechnoServe on a USAID project in East Africa related to food security.

She also contributes as a Global Senior Advisor to the Solutions Program at UN SDSN Youth, where she has been key in setting up the strategy with a diverse team of individuals. Passionate about open access, she is excited to join the ODI. In her spare time, you will find her either dancing or thriving in green spaces.