Ece Özdemiroğlu

Environmental Economist & Founder of Eftec
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Ece Özdemiroğlu is an Environmental Economist & Founder of Eftec

Ece Özdemiroğlu FRSA is the Founder and CEO of eftec (Economics For The Environment Consultancy), the business she set up in 1992 after completing her Masters in Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Management at University College London.

Ece is a member of the Scottish First Minister’s Environment Council. She is also the Chair of the British Standards Institute’s Assessing and Valuing Natural Capital Committee and a previous member of UK’s Climate Change Committee.

Ece is an environmental economist specialising in valuing natural capital assets and using this evidence in accounting and appraisal. She is forever searching for ways to communicate better, and finding just the right data to move the conversation forward.