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Dr Robert Smith

Head of Technology for AI/ML, Digital Catapult
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Dr Robert Smith PhD FRSA is the Head of Technology for AI/ML at Digital Catapult

Dr Robert Smith PhD FRSA is the Head of Technology for AI/ML at Digital Catapult, an organisation charged with accelerating the early adoption of advanced technology for the benefit of the UK.

Dr Smith is a technologist, complexity scientist, entrepreneur, writer and sought-after public speaker. He has worked with clients, companies and institutions across the private and public sectors. Dr Smith has authored over 100 academic papers on complex-systems-based artificial intelligence and knowledge representation, and numerous articles in the popular press. He has conducted research and development projects for all branches of the US military, Los Alamos National and Oak Ridge National Laboratories, NASA, Boeing, NSF, EPSRC, The European Union, DERA, British Aerospace, Airbus, British Telecom, The Bank of England, The UK Competitive Market Authority, and others.

He is a former Associate Editor of The IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation and the journal Evolutionary Computation. He is the author of Rage Inside the Machine, which was shortlisted for UK Best Business Book of 2020. He is a science, technology, and business advisor to a number of firms. He is a Founding Trustee of We and AI, an NGO dedicated to improving AI’s effects of society. He is a Senior Fellow of the Computer Science Faculty at University College London where he co-founded the Centre for Decision-Making Uncertainty. He also co-founded and co-created BOXARR Ltd, a company whose technology is being used globally by blue chip companies to help people cope with some of the world’s most complex industrial challenges.

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