Chris Argent

Founder and Managing Director, Generation CFO
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Chris Argent is Founder and Managing Director at Generation CFO – an organisation that guides businesses and individuals to reengineer themselves through our thought leadership, training and digital finance transformation

Frustrated by poor systems, poor reporting and lack of time to work with the business, in 2009, Chris Argent set up a LinkedIn group looking for technology-minded accountants and finance professionals to help him out.

After moving from SME CFO to Enterprise Finance Transformation Lead, Chris experienced first hand advanced technology being used in multiple organisations and can see the massive potential for finance use.

The demand for digital transformation and strategic finance business partnering continues to grow and Chris believed pressure will be applied to CFOs to create a more data-rich, digital finance function, so started to collate and curate some of the most relevant information posted on his LinkedIn group to his blog, Generation CFO. The aim to bring digital native innovators in accounting together with the senior finance leadership change makers.

Chris saw the need for a unifying framework to bring together traditional accounting and finance with the new data-enabled digital finance function and developed the Digital Finance Function Model (DFFM) and initiated education events, a podcast and networking meet ups to establish as the go-to platform.

Today, Generation CFO delivers daily content and information to its members and has launched its FiMIND community and partners with the Top 100 technology vendors relevant to the DFFM. The combined communities are now c. 100,000 members and growing rapidly.