Bob Bailey

Former Head of Information Architecture, Refinitiv
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Bob is Former Head of Information Architecture, Refinitiv

Bob Bailey will be on our ‘Harnessing data to gain business value’ panel at the ODI Summit 2019

Bob was Head of Information Architecture at Refinitiv, championing a cross-business, platform-based approach to information discipline, models, policies and standards.

He has worked in the information industry for 36 years. After 12 years as a programmer, software designer and latterly architect working on dealing room information systems he joined Reuters as a designer on IDN.

Following a series of architect positions, including corporate and enterprise architecture planning and governance, he was asked to form an enterprise data architecture function focused on information quality and precision and reducing challenges of inefficiency, duplication and lack of agility in content operations.

After the acquisition of Reuters by Thomson in 2008, Bob helped shape ‘Content Marketplace’, a change initiative designed to maximise the value of Thomson Reuters information assets by applying Information Architecture standards and establishing a standard information supply-

In 2011 championed taking a wider view of Thomson Reuters place in external information supply chains. He led exploration of the potential for use of Linked Data and Open Data in and by Thomson Reuters, resulting in the company joining the Open Data Institute as a Partner and releasing the open data service. Bob co-authored two white papers resulting from the Thomson Reuters /ODI collaboration: ‘Creating value with identifiers in an open data world’ and ‘Shareable by Default’.

He also championed Thomson Reuters joining W3C, and remains the Refinitiv ‘advisory council’ representative at that body.

He retired in October 2020.