Ben Goldacre

Director, Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science
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Ben is the Director of the Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science

Ben is a doctor, academic, writer, and broadcaster. He trained in medicine at Oxford and UCL, in psychiatry at the Maudsley, and in epidemiology at LSHTM. His academic and policy work is in informatics, epidemiology and evidence based medicine, where he works on various problems including variation in care, better uses of routinely collected electronic health data, evidence-based social policy, access to clinical trial data, efficient trial design, and retracted papers.

He runs the Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science. This is a multidisciplinary team of academics, clinicians and software developers, all pooling skills and knowledge to turn large datasets into tools and services as well as pure academic research papers.

Ben is a long term friend and collaborator of the ODI. He was involved in the first Hack for Health and chaired a panel at the first ODI Summit in 2013.