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The impact of our work crosses all industries, and can be seen in every aspect of day-to-day life.

NPL is the UK’s National Metrology Institute, providing the measurement capability that underpins the UK’s prosperity and quality of life. From new antibiotics to tackle resistance and more effective cancer treatments to secure quantum communications and superfast 5G, technological advances must be built on a foundation of reliable measurement to succeed.

For 120 years, we have worked to translate measurement science and engineering expertise into economic prosperity creating impact for the UK.

Measurement science ensures the safety, reliability and robustness of new technology, and NPL continuously studies new and emerging trends in technology, exploring their implications and prepare for probable future outcomes. This is all underpinned by accurate measurement, enabling society to adopt them with confidence.

As a national laboratory, our advice is always impartial and independent, meaning consumers, investors, policymakers and entrepreneurs can always rely on the work we do.