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We are your value adding partner for prepared and ready-to-run data products leveraging artificial intelligence and holistic data management. is an end2end data management platform that combines a real-time, service oriented architecture with the power and versatility of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
Serving as the universal glue between core banking, trading and front-office systems we provide a unique approach to digital transformation and advanced analytics alike. Global players as well as boutique brands rely on our experience and domain expertise.
As a hybrid-cloud and auto-scaling product our clients can combine swift and agile “use case thinking” with the strategic and robust architecture that includes all enterprise capabilities from security to governance and from change management to auditability.
Our use case templates cover a range of typical front-, middle- and back-office requirements like
  • churn analysis
  • thematic investments
  • client topics of interest
  • increasing compliance and operations efficiency
  • or regulatory optimisation
  • orchestration less data management
Built as Platform-as-a-Service our clients can chose between various public cloud or on-premises deployments or even mix them both. Our security assessments have passed muster with the world’s leading CISOs and Risk Managers and is fully compliant with external data processing regulations like GDPR or similar ePrivacy policies.
We will get you from idea to working data solutions in 6 -12 weeks without sacrificing long-term value and extensibility. Use case by use case will become your enterprise data fabric. As you can leverage and re-use your existing data and technology assets and as we rely entirely on a white-box technology model your investments are save with