Data Pitch
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An analytics platform to predict future customer needs and behaviour

At goedle.io, we develop a predictive analytics platform to predict future customer needs and behaviour.

One particular example is churn prediction. If you know future churners in advance, you can craft personalised churn prevention campaigns to increase retention. Similar concepts work for conversion prediction in e-commerce and lead scoring in sales.

Our platform uses historic customer data to train machine learning models. Here, we focus on telemetric customer data in form of customer actions and events instead of demographic information.

These models then allow us to segment customers into groups but also to provide customer-level predictions in real-time.

These predictions and insights can be accessed in different ways. For example, we integrate into well known CRMs and more tech-savvy clients can also directly query our API.

To learn more, you can find case studies on our blog or schedule a demo on our website.