Data Pitch
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A personalised recommendation engine that delivers an ideal customer journey, without the need for technical expertise.

JourneyTree is a light-weight and efficient Customer Analytics tool for retail business of any domain, based on Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

Almost every company possesses data about their customers to be learned from. JourneyTree is intended for companies/brands that are not ready to hire an in-house data-science team, or pay for the extremely expensive (and complex) customer analytics software.

By using JourneyTree, brands can benefit from ML without huge investments – they can quickly and easily analyse their proprietary data in order to extract actionable information.

It is a way with the lowest risk to explore the data, estimate its value (knowledge that can be extracted) and decide on the future strategy regarding customer analytics. It can be used either as a stand-alone software or as a plug-in for existing systems.

The system will calculate top-scored recommendations for our clients, according to their customers’ journeys, as well as perform analytics on emerging trends in customers’ interests.

The output can be delivered as visual report or ingested by other systems via API.