ODI View: Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and personal data

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The ODI’s thought pieces, interviews and media coverage on the misuse of personal data, data rights and ethics

Revelations about how data about us is shared by companies like Facebook have caused alarm and raised important questions about the use and misuse of personal data.

This is central to our interests at the ODI.

Our vision is for people, organisations and communities to use data to make better decisions and be protected from any of its harmful impacts.

We want to see the benefits of the data that is collected by companies spread more fairly to us as individuals and society. And we want it shared in ways that are secure and preserve our privacy.

We’ve commented widely as the story has developed.

What is the ODI’s view on personal data being shared?

Our CEO Jeni has featured widely on BBC news and other platforms to talk about trust in how data about us is shared, the next steps for Facebook and the need for more ethical use of data in all social platforms in future.

These came alongside several thought pieces, on lessons learned about the implications for access to data, on why we need a rights framework rather than data ownership, why getting paid for personal data won’t make things better, and an explainer on what personal data is and how we can control how it’s shared.

Previously, Jeni called on political parties to be open about how they used personal data in election campaigns in an open letter.

Media enquiries

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