Work responsibly with data: tools and techniques to build trust (webinar)

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Discover tools and techniques that will help you build trust by demonstrating that you and your business work responsibly with data.

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This webinar sets out the steps leaders can take and the tools they can use to ensure that businesses use data to generate value whilst avoiding harmful impacts.

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About this Webinar:

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, automated decision-making systems and Blockchain show the potential for data to have a beneficial impact on business and society. However, new regulations, like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), along with recent events such as the Cambridge Analytic and Facebook scandal and the qualifications fiasco, have created greater awareness about the potential for data to be misused. 

The risk is that people lose trust in the organisations, decisions, products and services that use data. When trust is lost reputations are affected and leaders lose their jobs.

Data ethics provides leaders with a way of addressing how a business can use data whilst avoiding harm. Which is why private sector companies and public sector bodies are responding to the need to consider data ethics in their work. 

On this 30-minute interactive webinar we will explore:

  • Why data ethics is becoming the responsibility of leaders
  • How to discuss data ethics with senior colleagues.
  • Ways to engage internal stakeholders.
  • Simple ways to start using the Data Ethics Canvas
  • How to use Consequence Scanning to reconcile big-picture ethics with hands-on delivery.

Who is this for?

This webinar is for leaders who care about working responsibly with data, and want to take visible steps to building trust. In particular people interested in: Data governance, data transformation, data strategy, product innovation, product management, data literacy and data ethics

When is the webinar?

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