Leader briefing: simple steps you can take to get a grip on how data is changing your business (webinar)

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This webinar will walk you through what data leadership looks like. It will help you define practical actions to address data ethics, data skills and data ecosystems across your business.

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Data is rapidly becoming an essential element of both business strategy and operations. Businesses that adopt a data centric approach are excelling whilst those that neglect data risk being left behind or worse, impacted financially.

Responsibility for data is moving up the company structure; whilst appointing a Chief Data Officer is a good start, now leaders across a business must consider their company’s data handling and data infrastructure as part of their responsibilities.

On this 30-minute interactive webinar we will explore:

  • Typical ‘blind spots’ where data and technology are concerned.
  • How to discuss data ethics with senior colleagues.
  • How to identify gaps in your skills and capacity-building strategy.
  • How to deploy ecosystem mapping in your business.
  • Using the Leader Checklist as a basis for getting started.

Who is this for?

This webinar is for people who want to show leadership in their business by taking steps to ensure data is used to achieve organisational goals, whilst avoiding harmful impacts.

When is the webinar?

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