How to develop a transformative data strategy with an ecosystem approach (webinar)

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Discover tools and techniques that will help you build trust by demonstrating that you and your business work responsibly with data.

On this webinar, we will be sharing tips and tools for applying ecosystem thinking to the development of your data strategy.

Defining your current and future role in your data ecosystem will help elevate your data strategy, addressing the urgent need for businesses to have an effective and flexible data infrastructure. A data infrastructure that also takes into account your ecosystem of partners, customers, and suppliers.

Central to this approach is considering how your organisation’s culture, people, and skills need to be developed.

This requires a data strategy that isn’t just about compliance and governance. It requires a data strategy that integrates plans for capability, culture and innovation.

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  • How to define the fundamental concepts that underpin strategic thinking in this domain: data ecosystems; data infrastructure; data strategy; data literacy and data skills.
  • Moving data strategy beyond governance towards strategic data infrastructure development
  • Three questions and support tools to help you make progress.

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