7 questions leaders need to answer to build a brand that’s trusted with data (webinar)

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Join Deborah Yates and Dr David Tarrant to discover the tools and techniques that will help you build confidence in your organisation’s use of data

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Leading brands now recognise that being trusted with data is a source of competitive advantage. From UK supermarket chain Co-op to global advertising group WPP, significant efforts are being made to use data to power trustworthy services, whilst using data in ways that consumers and regulators judge to be both valuable and responsible.

In this webinar we’ll explore how leaders can get answers to seven critical questions that will help them identify ways to improve trust in their brand:

  1. How can my business and data strategy be better aligned to build trust?
  2. Which components of my data infrastructure will need to be enhanced?
  3. What processes can I put in place to increase trust around data?
  4. How do I start operationalizing data ethics to avoid harmful impacts?
  5. How do we develop and support open and trustworthy data ecosystems?
  6. How do we build the right data culture?
  7. What do I need to prioritise in 2022?

Join Deborah Yates the ODI’s Data Assurance programme lead and Dr David Tarrant the ODI’s Data Literacy programme lead as they explore each question along with the tools and techniques that will help you make progress.

To help you tackle the significant hurdles that need to be overcome Deborah and Dave will also share how to avoid some common mistakes and ways to get help and support.

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