Unlocking the power of data to optimise supply chains [WEBINAR]

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Wed Jul 29, 2020 14:30

How should your supply chain adapt to changing demand and challenging operational conditions? This webinar is co-hosted with Airbus and will focus on how increased data sharing maximises supply chain efficiency.

Covid-19 exposes the strengths and weaknesses of supply chains. How can you adapt in the face of changing demand and challenging operational conditions? Join this webinar to examine how done right, data sharing has the potential to help you:

– make better operational decisions,
– increase production,
– reduce costs,
– and manage commercial risks.

Stuart Coleman (the ODI) will explore the research and stories that show how data sharing strengthens supply chains. Stuart will also introduce the tools and techniques that support practical action.

Martin Aston (Airbus) has first-hand experience of the positive impact data has on supply chains. On the webinar, Martin will share how Airbus deployed data so that processes that used to take weeks to complete now take hours. He will also share the pivotal role data is playing in achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

“Meeting net-zero ambitions will require a whole new generation of products with far greater levels of technology integration than we’ve seen before. Similar transformation in information and data sharing across the entire supply chain is essential if we’re to develop and deliver such products efficiently and effectively.” Martin Aston, Airbus

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