Understanding the role of open, shared and closed data in a data ecosystem [ODI Learning Month 2021]

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Tue Oct 12, 2021 13:30

As part of ODI Learning Month 2021 and the Building healthy open data ecosystems series, to correctly classify data as open, shared and closed. This session focuses on the legal aspects of accessing and providing access to data and how proper licenses can protect and benefit both the publisher and user of data.

This session is part of our Building healthy open data ecosystems [Learning Month 2021] series, a four-part interactive and practical course, where we’ll be looking at open data ecosystems, and helping you overcome challenges to unlock value from data.

Session overview

In this session we’ll teach you how to classify data as open, shared, and closed. Focusing on the legal aspects of accessing and providing access to data, and how proper licenses can protect and benefit everyone.

By the end of this session you’ll be able to:

  • List the factors that determine if data should be open, shared or closed.
  • Apply these factors to construct a data spectrum.
  • List the core parts of an open, shared, and closed license for data.
  • Describe a number of existing licenses that support wider data sharing.

Who is this session for?

This session is perfect for those working with data: managers, policy-makers, technologists, directors, and those working in knowledge and transparency. This intensive, practical course has been carefully designed so you can apply your learnings to your work or project, problem solve, or create new opportunities.

When is the session?

October 12th 2021 @ 13:30 (BST) for 2.5 hours

Session prerequisites

No previous knowledge of data is required. An understanding of how data is used in your organisation will help you apply what you learn and take practical action.

What other sessions are in the series and how do I book?

Visit the Building healthy open data ecosystems [Learning Month 2021] series to learn about the other sessions included and book your place.

What is ODI Learning Month?

National Learning and Development Month is a global event celebrated every October, that encourages people to learn and build brand new skills. In support and celebration of this, the ODI has our very own Learning Month that we run in tandem, ahead of our annual summit.

Each year we focus on different topics. This year to coincide with the theme of Summit 2021, we’ll be looking at how we’ve all become ‘data people’ – more conscious than ever of the data we produce, use and share. Our three key areas of education will be: Building healthy open data ecosystems, Leading data transformation, and Data governance and ethics. All brought to you via a mix of training, webinars, and podcasts. 

Our one-off programme has been created exclusively for Learning Month, and all of the training is available at a subsidised price. All the more reason to get stuck in and get learning!