Practical tools and techniques for building a brand that is trusted with data (webinar)

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In this ODI Inside Business webinar you’ll discover how you can help your business work towards six critical outcomes that together contribute to developing a brand that is trusted with data. 

  1. Aligned business and data strategy
  2. Trustworthy data infrastructure
  3. Processes that build trust
  4. Ethical data practices
  5. Open and trustworthy data ecosystems
  6. The right data culture

Join Deborah Yates, the ODI’s Data Assurance programme lead, who will help you appreciate how each outcome relates to your business and explain the tools and techniques that will help you make progress.

Who is this for?

This webinar is for people who want to show leadership in their business by taking steps to ensure data is used to achieve organisational goals, whilst avoiding harmful impacts.

When is the webinar?

This webinar ran on Tuesday 12th July from 11:00am until 11:45am (BST).

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