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ODI Fridays Online: Using data science – lessons from the social sector

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Fri Apr 3, 2020 13:00

Find out why data science as a powerful tool for food banks, anti-corruption groups, and children’s hospices and more

ODI Fridays are free lunchtime lectures for everyone. You bring your lunch and join us for a Zoom meet-up, and we’ll provide an interesting talk. 

How can data be used to improve charities’ impact? What role does data science have in the social sector? Giselle Cory digs into these questions, drawing from DataKind UK’s experience in supporting organisations to use data science.

Using real life case studies from charities, local government, and social enterprises across the UK, including food banks, anti-corruption groups, and children’s hospices, she presents the case for data science as a powerful tool for good.

About the speaker

Giselle Cory is the Executive Director of DataKind UK, a charity that provides free data science support to increase the impact of the social sector . Giselle has worked for Central Government, and for national charities and think tanks, using data to better inform public policy decisions. She believes that smart, responsible data collection and use can help the social sector tackle some of the UK’s biggest challenges.

How ODI Fridays online work

If you’d like to join the talk live and have the opportunity to ask questions to the speaker, please sign up using Eventbrite, and we’ll send you an invite to join us on Zoom at 1pm on Friday 3 April.

Others can then watch the recorded talk on You Tube after the meet-up has ended.

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