ODI Fridays: How the GLA is tackling London’s cultural infrastructure crisis

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Fri Jun 14, 2019 13:00
Open Data Institute, 65 Clifton Street, London, EC2A 4JE

The Greater London Authority shares how it’s is using data to understand, protect and the grow cultural infrastructure of London

ODI Fridays are free lunchtime lectures for everyone. You bring your lunch, we provide tea and coffee, an interesting talk, and enough time to get back to your desk.

London’s rapid growth is putting pressure on cultural infrastructure.

London has lost 61% LGBT+ venues, 35% of grassroots music venues and it is estimated that 24%of artists’ workspace sites are at risk of closure.

In this talk, hear the many challenges that are faced require a range of interventions to tackle them and how the Greater London Authority is using data to understand, protect and grow cultural infrastructure.

About the speaker

Rachael Roe is a Senior Policy Officer in the Culture and Creative Industries unit at the Greater London Authority. With a passion for placemaking, planning and practical tools, she delivers a range of research and programmes which aim to secure and expand London’s cultural places and spaces. Rachael has spent 15 years developing and delivering cultural policy across the City as well as in Gloucestershire.

Live stream

There will be a live stream of the full talk here from 1pm on Friday 14 June 2019.