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ODI Fridays: How Fortune 500 businesses can make better use of data

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Fri Jul 9, 2021 13:00

How Fortune 500 companies can make better use of the data they already have, before conducting new research

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How can Fortune 500 companies make better use of the data they already have to build a picture of their audience, before conducting new research or data collection?

Sharon Joseph, CEO of CREWASIS and Harvard Business School alumni, will share how to make better use of internal data sources, external data sources and open data using case studies developed in the top healthcare and CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies in the US.

She’ll also share how free tools such as social media monitoring tools and google analytics can help to build a story. Sharon worked at Fortune 500 companies for 20 years before launching CREWASIS data science

About the speaker

Sharon will draw from examples of working in the consumer goods industry and healthcare, but people from all industries welcome as she works in all industries including financial, cannabis, retail and household goods.