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ODI Fridays: How can we make better use of open data in the built environment?

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Fri Mar 4, 2022 13:00

How can we make better use of open data in the built environment?

Join us on Zoom at lunchtime for our regular ODI Fridays talks. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you the link to join.

In this talk, Claire Fram (Director and Product Manager, Diagonal) and Gala Camacho (Director and Data Scientist, Diagonal) discuss the challenges of making use of fragmented (open) data in the built environment. City planners, architects, developers and engineers are faced with a plethora of data that exist in orthogonal layers, limiting their ability to interrogate how city systems interact.

The solution includes new technologies that can unlock greater value from myriad open data sources by stitching them together in a systematic, semantic model of the world. We can get more out of existing open data with the right tools. This lecture will introduce Diagonal’s approach to building data models for data science in the built environment.

About the speakers

Claire Fram

Claire specialises in delivering digital tools for city planning. She is a founding member and Product Manager at Diagonal, building tools and visualisations that unlock creativity, progress and better decisions in the built environment. She’s currently on maternity leave from Arup, where she’s been the product lead for their agent based modelling toolkit – building a suite of data processing tools to model transport networks, infrastructure, and simulate millions of individuals’ unique days. Claire is interested in open data and inclusive technologies for urban design.

Gala Camacho

Gala is a mathematician and programmer, with a background in education, optimisation and all-things data. She has worked at big corporations and startups within the civil infrastructure and urban planning ecosystem, leading analytics projects strategically and technically. Gala is passionate about using analytics to explore and break down urban and social inequalities. She sits on the board of Women in STEMM Australia, and the steering committee of Women+ in Geospatial.

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