ODI Fridays: Enabling data sharing with the Data Pitch Toolkit

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Fri Jun 5, 2020 13:00

Get a flavour of the toolkit and the insights it was developed from, focussing on how data sharing works in practice

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Through the increase of data science techniques, not least Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the value and role of data as an asset becomes ever more crucial. This has made it more important for data to be accessible. However, much of the data that many solutions require are held within private organisations – and are only available if they are shared.

The Data Pitch Data Sharing Toolkit helps organisations that want to generate value by sharing data or facilitating data sharing. It been pulled together from experience collected on several projects and initiatives, including, but not limited to, the Data Pitch innovation programme.

The toolkit explains the concept, challenges, and processes to enable successful data sharing, and provide resources and recommendations to make data sharing successful in practice. The talk will give a flavour of the toolkit and the insights it was developed from, focussing on how data sharing works in practice, which challenges organisations should be prepared for, and how to overcome them.

About the speaker

Dr Gefion Thuermer obtained her masters’ and doctoral degree in Web Science from the University of Southampton, with a thesis about the effects of online participation processes, and her bachelors’ in Cultural Sciences from FernUni Hagen. She is a Research Associate at KCL. Gefion’s research interests are in online participation, process design, HCI and EDI: to enable inclusive engagement wherever people use technology to achieve goals together. She has worked on the Data Pitch project at the University of Southampton (2019), where she wrote about the key lessons learned from the experience of data sharing, most notably a toolkit for data sharing. She currently works on the ACTION project, overseeing the development of a toolkit for citizen scientists.