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ODI Fridays: Data ethics in practice, where are we now?

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Fri Nov 5, 2021 13:00

A background of the data ethics work at the ODI and how organisations are making their data ethics practices more mature

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In this talk, Dr John Burton – Data Consultant at the Open Data Institute (ODI) – will discuss some of the background of the data ethics work at the ODI and describe what organisations are considering to make their data ethics practices more mature. He will show the work of the ODI on the data maturity model, and share some of the early feedback from our user research in this space. Finally, he will discuss where the organisation is going in the short term and how that may develop the ODI’s offering in this space in the coming months.

About the speaker

Dr John Burton has had a varied career, but the main theme has always been investigating complex data sets to find real value for people. He started off with a PhD in Astronomy, and have worked at Queen’s University Belfast, the Universities of Toronto, Leicester and Cambridge as a postdoctoral researcher and data scientist. He has been spending his recent career in the public and charity sectors at HMRC and AQA, with the latter being spent as the Head of Analytics and Data Science. In short, he loves data!

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