CSVW on the Web

CSVW on the Web

ODI Fridays: CSV on the web

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Fri Mar 25, 2022 13:00

Find out how CSVW – a standard for describing and clarifying the content of CSV tables – can make working with CSV easier

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CSVW is a standard for describing and clarifying the content of CSV tables. In this talk you’ll learn how CSVW can make working with CSV easier and connect you to a web of linked-data.

The humble CSV format is a popular way of publishing open data, and with good reason. It’s easy to create and edit, non-proprietary and machine-readable. It isn’t particularly standardised however and you’ll usually need to do some work to interpret the contents correctly.

The CSVW standard helps to solve these problems letting you focus on using the data. It also lets us interpret data in a global context by connecting tables together into a web of linked-data.

About the speakers

Robin Gower

Robin dreams of a day when data scientists can focus on analysis instead of spending their time preparing data!

To this end, he works as a Data Designer at Swirrl helping publishers to express their datasets with linked-data. He draws on 15 years experience consulting as an economist and statistician for the UK public and social sectors.

Robin a founding member of Open Data Manchester and wrote and maintains several open source software libraries.

He now lives with his family in Berlin, tinkering with electronics and brewing English ale.

Ross Bowen

Ross is all too familiar with wrangling data out of spreadsheets with his favourite programming language, R.

As a statistician who’s worked across several government departments, he is now revolutionising data publishing at the ONS as part of the Integrated Data Programme.

When Ross discovered the world of linked-data, he was immediately excited for its potential in helping people better explore and understand statistics.

At home in Bridgend you’ll often find him practising the piano or pretending to be a superstar DJ.

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