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ODI Fridays: Creating a better user experience for patients

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Fri Jun 25, 2021 13:00

Very little health data is computerised, so how is data about us is being managed? And how can we ensure this is being communicated?

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Whilst we are the cusp of the pandemic, has anyone considered what will happen in the future when a new threat hits our shores? The government currently relies on letters and SMS messages through fragmented GP practices to mass communicate with us about our health.

Other countries utilise a national ID card to centralise records. When we get our jabs, very little is computerised and we often wonder how our data is being managed, and how we’ll be communicated to. This talk asks: how do we balance freedoms with effective digital health?

About the speaker

Danny Bluestone is the CEO of Cyber-Duck, a leading full service digital agency. He founded Cyber-Duck in 2005, inspired by fusing creative, technical and marketing expertise into a superior user experience. Now the independent agency works internationally with prestigious brands, including the Bank of England, Cancer Research and Arsenal FC.

Leading Cyber-Duck, Danny continues developing the agency’s ISO accredited user-centred design process, drawing on lean and Agile management methodologies. In 2015, he was awarded Wirehive 100’s first Digital Leader of the Year. He enjoys giving keynotes for enterprise, UX and technology communities, including the UKTI, UX London and UXPA. His digital insights have been featured in UX Magazine, Econsultancy, and Smashing Magazine.

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