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Datopolis: The open data board game [ODI Learning Month 2021]

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Tue Nov 2, 2021 16:00

As part of ODI Learning Month 2021, and the ODI Summit 2021, this taster training session will help you learn about how ecosystems are built around open data. Like board games? Come and join us!

To WATCH the taster training session below, you’ll need to buy an ODI Summit 2021 ticket. Then on the day, just find the Taster Training Sessions section and join at the time detailed below to watch Datopolis being played.  

To PLAY Datopolis at the ODI Summit, you’ll need to buy an ODI Summit 2021 ticket and apply below to secure your place – places are limited to 6 players.

Watch, play and learn

Join in the fun as we discover how data ecosystems are built through our interactive board game Datopolis.

Datopolis is not just a fun game to play, it’s also educational. Using a board game is a fantastic way to engage teams around the value of data. The different scenarios in the game challenge players to think carefully about data ecosystems, and how every individual decision can affect the health of an ecosystem be this a town or a business.

Live commentary will be provided by our very own expert team who will explain the game, what’s going on, who might be winning and also answer your questions.

When is the taster training session?

This session runs on November 2nd 2021 @ 16:00 – 17:15 (BST), at the ODI Summit 2021.

How do I watch the session?

To watch this taster training session, you’ll need to buy an ODI Summit 2021 ticket. Then on the day, just find the Taster Training Sessions section and join when the session starts.

Discover more about Datopolis

If you are keen to find out how a board game can help develop a data strategy for your organisation, or you’d like to book an online game led by our team, simply drop us a line via the Datopolis page on our website.

We will also be doing a couple of free sessions in the lead up to Christmas 2021 which can also be booked on our website. Places are limited to two per organisation. Click here to book your place and get in touch.

Would you like to PLAY Datopolis at the Summit?

We need 6 players to play Datopolis live at the Summit. Places are limited, but don’t worry, if you miss out you’ll still be able to watch the live stream.

Complete the form below to apply to play:

~ Applications are now closed ~

What is ODI Learning Month?

National Learning and Development Month is a global event celebrated every October, that encourages people to learn and build brand new skills. In support and celebration of this, the ODI has our very own Learning Month that we run in tandem, ahead of our annual summit.

Each year we focus on different topics. This year to coincide with the theme of Summit 2021, we’ll be looking at how we’ve all become ‘data people’ – more conscious than ever of the data we produce, use and share. Our three key areas of education will be: Building healthy open data ecosystems, Leading data transformation, and Data governance and ethics. All brought to you via a mix of training, webinars, and podcasts. 

Our one-off programme has been created exclusively for Learning Month, and all of the training is available at a subsidised price. All the more reason to get stuck in and get learning!