Transport data in the UK and France (report)

Wed Jul 4, 2018
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Transport data case studies and ideas for cross-country collaboration in the UK and France.

As part of its innovation programme, the Open Data Institute (ODI) has been building on the recommendations of the UK–France Data Innovation Task Force, to connect data innovators and data innovation across both countries.

The ODI is exploring data innovation at sector level, with transport emerging as a priority sector. Arguably, France and the UK are leading the way in mobility and transport innovation, with the UK government aiming to be at the forefront of connected and autonomous vehicles research and development, and France leading and providing expertise in driverless metro technology.

Both countries also have sophisticated open data ecosystems, and are ranked in the top five worldwide in the Open Data Barometer rankings.

In this report we summarise the findings from our full day UK–France transport data workshop, which aimed to share stories of data innovation in transport across both countries, and to identify ideas for cross-country collaboration with transport data.

These case studies also revealed shared challenges: from the difficulty of converting and working with different data standards and formats; to the poor customer experience of ticketing outside large cities; to evaluating the correct users of Open Database Licenses; to addressing the concerns around ‘GAFA’ (the four US tech giants: Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon).