Making railways more accessible with open data

Fri Sep 2, 2016
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Improving access to rail information for disabled passengers

On 8 October 2014, a cross-sector workshop was held at the Open Data Institute. Its aim was to explore with key stakeholders the opportunities that open data provides, to inform the development and provision of better disabled access to the UK rail network.

The workshop aimed to:

  1. Identify the challenges faced by disabled people when travelling by rail
  2. Identify which datasets would need to be open to improve disabled access, and understand what is required for them to be published
  3. Examine the delivery of information provided by Network Rail and train operators and how it can be improved, particularly in times of disruption
  4. Examine how datasets can be better integrated for maximum (re)use, such as Passenger Assist and Darwin

The report is based on the outcomes of the workshop. Held under Chatham House Rule, attendees are not mentioned by name against specific ideas or statements.

Read the blog and view the report below.

Improving access to rail information for disabled passengers