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Invitation to tender | Demonstrate the impact and value of tools developed within the OpenActive initiative [OAP19]

Mon Jun 15, 2020
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We invite tenders from experienced companies who can evaluate the impact and value of OpenActive tools


  • 15/06/2020
  • Tender reference: OAP19
  • Call for tenders by the Open Data Institute
  • Contact:

In the last three years, the OpenActive initiative has built a data infrastructure that enables organisations that offer physical activities to publish these opportunities openly and in a standardised way and therefore make them more easily discoverable by people. At the same time, the availability of the open data means that organisations that have existing products and services that help people exercise, can integrate more opportunities and present them to the end users in a user-friendly way that suits them.

Given the current difficult times for the physical activity sector due to the restrictions imposed by self-isolation and social distancing measures, we recognise our responsibility to help organisations continue to contribute to the OpenActive mission and help people stay active, now more than ever before.

We are therefore launching an invitation to tender, aimed at organisations who can help solve either one or both of the following challenges:

  • Increasing access to physical activities for underrepresented groups within local communities. Organisations will demonstrate end-to-end matching of data being published, data being used and people actively participating in activities.
  • Testing OpenActive developed tooling by implementing the Open Booking API into customer-facing products and services, to enable people to book activities directly from their platforms. These can be existing booking systems already used by activity providers and data users, as well as new ones, provided that they can execute fast.

The successful companies will work in collaboration with the Open Data Institute (ODI) who will provide guidance, review and assistance throughout.

Summary and timeline

AimOpenActive is seeking a number of organisations within the sector to support the initiative by working in the open, by publishing new or using existing data about opportunities for individuals to become more physically active. These activities will be made ‘bookable’ through customer-facing digital products and services to support the initiatives mission.
AudienceThe invitation to tender is open to organisations based in England that can deliver any of the above challenges in the assigned time frame. We will give priority to small and medium organisations that would otherwise struggle to execute the work within their own financial means.
DurationApprox. [30] days of work between August and September 2020
Value of award (excl. VAT)£85,000 (We expect to procure up to eight organisations. The maximum contract value will be £15,000 per organisation.

Depending on the quality and the total value (£) of the applications received, the ODI may consider procuring more than eight organisations.
Questions to ODI by17:00, 24 June 2020
ODI responses by12:00, 01 July 2020
Costed proposals due by17:00, 10 July 2020
Tender decision by17:00, 17 July 2020
Contract awarded17:00, 24 July 2020
ODI brief winning applicant(s)12:00, 31 July 2020
ODI progress reviewsFortnightly (Virtually)
Final work delivered by30 September 2020
Tender reference:OAP19

Terms of payment

Payment of the agreed contract price will be made at two milestones:

  • 50% at the halfway point (please specify in your proposal if some up front payment would be helpful as that can be considered)
  • 50% will be paid upon completion of the work, including satisfactory responses to all feedback from the ODI


In partnership with Sport England, the ODI is stewarding the OpenActive initiative which has begun to challenge inactivity in England and change this for the better. We have brought together the fragmented sport and leisure sector to agree on common standards and openly publish data about opportunities to engage in physical activity. This programme, the ODI’s largest sector programme, is delivering the joint vision of Sport England and the Open Data Institute: to get people active using data.


The deliverables will be:

  • Contribute to the OpenActive community more widely, by sharing insights of how the work they have done is contributing towards the initiative’s mission
  • Publish the results from the work openly so that the community and OpenActive can monitor/track impacts from using open data
  • Agree to publish a case study to demonstrate the value that has been seen to the organisation by undertaking the challenge.

We expect project teams to:

  • virtually attend fortnightly meetings to monitor progress
  • contribute to the development of a final case study
  • Track, monitor and share insights to determine the level of value/impact that has been realised through undertaking the project.

On behalf of OpenActive, the ODI will provide:

  • additional advice and support where needed for individual organisations
  • support in promoting the awarded organisation and its impact


The successful organisations will work in close collaboration with the ODI team to ensure the deliverables meet the needs of the project. There is also an expectation that the successful contractors will work closely with the wider OpenActive team, which includes attending regular virtual meetings and being available remotely (eg skype, email, slack).

Form of tender response

Applications can be on behalf of a consortium of organisations. Interested parties should submit a costed proposal (in English) to, which includes:

  • A short (no more than five page) explanation of your proposed project, with references to any relevant existing work or activities
  • A description of why you are best placed to deliver this project
  • A clear definition of the impacts, outcomes and outputs from the project, how you will achieve and measure them – Align with OA priorities
  • A description of the team who will do the work, including biographies
  • The total value (£) of your proposal, with a break down of the costs by activity and people
  • A high-level project plan identifying any key milestones
  • Where required, what form of in-kind support from the OpenActive team would be useful, e.g. to provide training, technical support etc
  • Targeted stakeholders that will be approached/engaged as part of this work and proof of their commitment
  • Any risks and data protection considerations

If you have any questions about the tender, please contact quoting the tender reference. The ODI reserves the right to make both anonymised questions and answers public or shared with other organisations having stated their interest.

Decision criteria

All proposals will be assessed as described in our public procurement policy. In addition, for this procurement we will be looking for:

  • The application should be supported by a named senior level champion in the organisation
  • All members of a consortia (if applicable), applications should highlight how money is being spent across the organisations involved and the roles each consortia member will be taking.
  • Evidence that the organisation collaborates with other key stakeholders, such as letters of support
  • Alignment with OpenActive’s goals and priority areas

We will show a preference to small and medium sized organisations that would otherwise struggle to execute the work within their own financial means.


For any other questions please see our FAQ doc here