Digital Preservation Awards 2018: ODI sponsors award to celebrate new tools and approaches

Thu Jul 26, 2018
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ODI sponsors Award for the Most Outstanding Digital Preservation Initiative in Commerce, Industry and the Third sector

This year’s Digital Preservation Awards, recognising the very best work in digital preservation across all sectors. Entries close on Monday 30 July

The particular award we are sponsoring is the Award for the Most Outstanding Digital Preservation Initiative in Commerce, Industry and the Third sector. This award is aimed at encouraging and recognising the adoption of digital preservation tools and approaches in institutions that are not libraries, museums and other ‘memory institutions’. The award includes a cash prize of £1,000, a trophy and certificates.

Additionally, shortlisted entrants will each receive a ticket to this year’s ODI Summit hosted by our founders, inventor of the web Sir Tim Berners-Lee and artificial intelligence (AI) expert Sir Nigel Shadbolt, and  CEO Jeni Tennison.

The ODI works with companies and governments to build an open, trustworthy data ecosystem. An important part of this ecosystem is preserving our digital heritage and providing access and openly as possible.

“I’ve been passionate about digital preservation for over a decade, and was ecstatic when DPC decided to add the industry award in 2016 to promote and encourage work in the commercial sector,” says ODI Learning Lead and Awards Judge David Tarrant. “At the ODI, we are passionate about everyone getting value from data. In order for this to happen, we must encourage and reward activities in both the public and private sectors.”

The ODI is already proactive in the area of digital preservation. Through the ARCHANGEL project, we are investigating the role of emerging technology, such as the blockchain, in guaranteeing the integrity of digital archives.

Through sponsoring the award, the ODI is looking to celebrate those in e-commerce, industry and third sector, which are leading the way in preserving our digital heritage. Last year’s winner was HSBC for its ‘Global Digital Archive System (GDA)’, which documents the development of the organisation since 1865, and many of the banks acquired by HSBC and its predecessors over the years. The records also shed light on the social, economic and political history of the communities and countries where HSBC has done business.

The ODI’s Commercial Director, David Beardmore, says: “we are incredibly excited to sponsor this award that celebrates the engagement of industry in important digital preservation activities to steward data, both now and for the future. These stewards play a key role in our value chain of creating positive impact from data.”

Entries for the awards close on Monday 30 July. The awards ceremony will be held in Amsterdam as part of an International Conference, hosted by the Dutch Digital Heritage Network and the Amsterdam Museum on World Digital Preservation Day, Thursday 29 November.