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Data trusts: what legal landscape do we need? (report)

Mon Apr 15, 2019
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We explored what legal landscape is necessary for implementing a data trust

As part of our research into whether data trusts are a useful way of increasing access to data while retaining trust, we commissioned BPE Solicitors to explore the decision-making process used in data trusts to decide how data may and may not be used

This high-level legal report covers the general legal principles surrounding a data trust, for example – in the international context – how would it differ if it were a more commercial arrangement or if the jurisdictions were different?

If the idea of a data trust is to be adopted more widely to handle issues around data sharing, then all conceivable scenarios where a data trust could help will need to be considered.

In this report, BPE Solicitors has analysed five different types of data trust, where they could be of use and the legal challenges that each one faces.

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