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Invitation to tender: Animation for our Open Cities workshop

Mon Jan 25, 2021
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As part of our R&D programme, we have developed practical workshops to help local and city authorities to start thinking about making better use of data in their projects and services, and we’re looking for proposals for an animation that will publicise this


Tender reference: [RDPM-062]

Call for tenders by the Open Data Institute (ODI)

This animation will publicise our workshop helping cities to make better use of data.

Summary and timeline

Aim We’d like to produce a short animated video to help explain what our Open Cities workshop offering is, raise awareness of the workshop, and encourage people to get in touch to discuss their requirements with us.

The aim of the workshop is to explore what data is needed to solve specific problems and identify where there are gaps. The workshop is built around the ODI Data and Public Services Toolkit, a set of tools used by city teams to drive change, communicate insights and embed learning.
Decision makers within city councils
Duration Approximately two weeks of work: 15 February–3 March 2021
Value of award (excl. VAT)Up to £3000
Questions to ODI by17:00 GMT on 29/01/2021
ODI responses by
17:00 GMT on 03/02/2021
Costed proposals due by
17:00 GMT on 08/02/2021
Tender decision by
17:00 GMT on 10/02/2021
Contract awarded
17:00 GMT on 12/02/2021
ODI brief winning applicant(s) 10:00 GMT on 15/02/2021
ODI progress reviews
Weekly (virtually)
Final work delivered by
Tender reference:


Terms of payment

Payment of the agreed contract price will be made upon successful completion of the work, including satisfactory responses to all feedback from the ODI.


At the ODI we believe that positive impact comes from creating an open and trustworthy data ecosystem.

Cities and local authorities are responsible for enabling positive social and economic change in their local environments by providing essential services for citizens, such as waste collection, education, housing and planning support. All these services and many more use and collect data.

Increasingly data is an integral element to decision making. Identifying what data a city or local authority has and what data they need can be difficult. But taking the time to map and understand data flow, across the complex ecosystem of internal departments and external stakeholders, is vital if a city is going to use data to make well informed decisions for people, business and the city itself.

We believe that it is important to support cities and local government to make better use of data in two vital ways:

  • To create more public services that have data embedded in their design
  • To enable better decision making by working more collaboratively with representatives across the city to understand what data the city has, and what it needs.

As part of our R&D programme, funded by Innovate UK, we have developed a range of tools, guidance and practical workshops to help local and city authorities to start thinking about making better use of data in their projects and services.


The deliverables will be:

  • A short (1 min 30 – 2 mins) animated video in line with our brand guidelines
    • Voice over content
    • Accompanying music

We would like to review a first draft to provide feedback, and the opportunity for two rounds of revisions.

We expect project teams to:

  • Attend feedback sessions with the team members

The ODI will provide:

  • Examples of existing work and brand guidelines
  • A script for the voice over
  • Prompt responses to questions


The successful organisations will work in close collaboration with the ODI team to ensure the deliverables meet the needs of the project.

Form of tender response

Applications can be on behalf of a consortium of organisations. Interested parties should submit a costed proposal (in English) to, which includes:

  • A short (no more than 5 page) breakdown of costed activities with references to any relevant existing work
  • A description of why you are best placed to deliver this project
  • A description of the team who will do the work, including biographies
  • A high-level project plan identifying any key milestones
  • Where required, what form of in-kind support from the ODI team would be useful

We will prioritise proposals which are within our budget of £3,000. We will review proposals which outline additional deliverables for a larger budget, but the value of deliverables must be clearly articulated.

If you have any questions about the tender, please contact, quoting the tender reference ‘RDPM-062’. The ODI reserves the right to make both anonymised questions and answers public or shared with other organisations having stated their interest.

Decision criteria

All proposals will be assessed as described in our public procurement policy. In addition, for this procurement, applications will be assessed with a view toward maximising the diversity and inclusion of the ODI’s procurement partners.