African Open Data Leaders Network: an open call for outstanding government leaders

Wed Apr 26, 2017
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The AODLN programme is calling for African leaders of open initiatives to take part in two day programme.

The African Open Data Leaders Network (AODLN) programme, held as part of this year’s African Open Data Conference (AODC), is calling for exceptional African leaders of open data initiatives to take part in a two day programme

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The African Open Data Leaders Network programme provides participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively lead open data initiatives and will act as the building blocks to create the Africa Open Data Network – a network of outstanding peers within the continent who can share ideas and support over time.

The programme, funded by the Open Data For Development programme, builds on the success of the ODI’s international Open Data Leaders’ Network (ODLN) – a global network of over 40 open data leaders. For more information about the ODLN, watch this short film and read the perspectives of former participants.

The two day programme, which will be facilitated by the ODI and immediately precede the African Open Data Conference (AODC), will focus on cultivating the skills for open data leadership in Africa. Participants will be invited to share and discuss the problems they face in their work, and develop solutions through a tested, peer-to-peer methodology.

What we offer

  • Executive coaching from ODI and local experts
  • Membership of an international network for ongoing peer-learning and support
  • Funding for the attendance of up to four participants (including travel and accommodation expenses)

What we look for

Strong applicants for the AODLN programme will:

  • Hold a key position within African government, advocating open data
  • Think creatively and share innovative ideas about the future of open data in their respective cities, regions or countries
  • Be prepared to gain from peer-to-peer knowledge and idea sharing
  • Demonstrate commitment to joining a high-impact leadership programme over a sustained period of time
  • Demonstrate their willingness to transform the lessons learned through the ODLN into positive change for their respective governments and communities


Fully funded places will be available for up to four applicants with eligibility based on strength of application and need. Please refer to the terms & conditions for further detail.

How to apply:

Interested leaders should complete the application form by 17:00 (GMT) on Wednesday 31st May. We strongly encourage early applications.

Please note that we will not accept applications from the NGO sector, universities or private sector organisations. Applicants will only be eligible if they are from individuals working in open data initiatives within African government.

Apply now

Successful applicants will be notified within 1 week of applications closing and invited to attend the day of training in Accra on Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th July, immediately preceding AODC.

For further questions, please read our terms & conditions or contact

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