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ODI logo third-party usage guidelines

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These logo guidelines are to help you use our logo effectively

View the ODI brand guidelines

These guidelines show how to use the ODI logo. These logos should be used if the ODI is sponsoring or speaking at an external event, partnering with another organisation or appearing in the media.

There are different logos for printed materials (such as for banners, flyers, posters and signage) and for use on screen (websites, emails, social media etc).

View the ODI brand guidelines here

Medium/large logo

ODI logo: Minimum size H: 90 pixels or 32mm

Small logo

ODI logo minimum size H: 28 pixels or 10mm

Use these when the logo needs to be 28–90 pixels or 10–32mm high:

Logo rules

Always allow clear space around the ODI logo – at least 50% of the logo height.





Don’t squash, stretch or warp the logo:


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