ODI annual report 2021 cover

ODI annual report 2021 cover

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The global pandemic has highlighted the critical role that data plays in society and the economy. For more than two years, data has been accessed, used and shared more widely and comprehensively than ever before; within and between nations.

As governments and businesses have tracked the behaviour and impact of Covid-19, it has never been more evident that data is as critical a part of our infrastructure as roads, railways and the utility networks on which we rely.

As we look to the future, sharing data within trusted environments will be essential to tackling the existential challenges we face: from climate to health, energy to the built environment. In a future increasingly shaped by AI we will need to ensure that the data underpinning this general purpose technology empowers rather than oppresses us.

We look forward to shaping it further with you, our partners, clients and friends. Today and long into the future.

— Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Executive Chair of the ODI